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Rachel L. Jellenik, J.D.

Private Advocate* and Consultant

*Certified Lay Guardian ad Litem

Rachel has lived in Columbia, South Carolina since 1992 and earned her Juris Doctorate from the Charlotte School of Law in 2014.
For nearly two decades, she has worked in the greater Columbia area for solo to medium size law firms that primarily specialize in family law, civil litigation, and elder law.
Through her years of experience, Rachel has had the invaluable opportunity to learn all aspects of the practice of law while working in administrative, management, and legal support roles. Additionally, Rachel is a certified lay Guardian ad Litem and has training in high conflict resolution.
While assisting with trial preparation on a complex family court matter, Rachel realized her passion and ethics were better aligned with assisting families outside of the courtroom, whether that be strained relationships hampering visitation or helping protect incapacitated and vulnerable adults from abuse.
The combination of Rachel's training, education, and observation of growing needs in the field of law have led her to create Carolina Advocacy Center
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