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To inquire about case assessment services, please see the Contact page to reach Rachel by phone or email.  

Potential clients rarely know the strength of their case when seeking to hire an attorney. Time involved, the stress litigation brings, and whether the financial and emotional cost is worthwhile are valid concerns a potential client should weigh before choosing to engage in litigation. This requires an in-depth assessment of their entire case, while initial consultations afford enough time to only provide a general opinion.  


Although attorneys state that they cannot guarantee results, when the outcome is less favorable than clients anticipate, they become dissatisfied and frequently blame their attorney, when in actuality, they did not perceive the weaknesses in their case.


Potential clients need an objective understanding of the likelihood of winning their case when making an informed decision to pursue the action. It is easier to manage the expectations of a client who enters litigation knowing what to anticipate, which leads to higher satisfaction with their legal representation.   


Help Attorneys Need.

     Carolina Advocacy Center helps attorneys keep up with their current caseloads without      

     losing time or money. Bill hourly or by flat fee for your time spent reviewing the case

     assessment, explaining each section to the potential client, then discussing the next steps

     once a well-informed decision has been made to proceed. Once the client has retained

     you, use the case assessment as a blueprint for preparing a draft complaint to further save

     you time.


Case Assessments Include:  

     Factual investigation

     Summary of claims



     Potential causes of action

     Relevant law

     Risk assessment


     Likelihood of outcome

     Anticipated and potential expenditure

*Case assessment services are strictly conducted for licensed attorneys only. For clarification, please see


**Information provided in case assessments are subject to change based upon the specific details of each

    individual case 

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