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To confidentially discuss Guardian ad Litem services, please see the Contact page to reach Rachel by phone or email.


     Because family court matters can be more adversarial by nature, it is paramount that

     children be appointed their own advocate to help protect them throughout the

     litigation process. Guardians ad litem provide invaluable information to assist in

     guiding the court to an outcome that best allows children to thrive and excel.


Financially Friendly

     Lay Guardians ad Litem are not statutorily required to be trained in law, however,      

     they are granted the same legal authority as licensed attorneys to represent children

     during private family court matters to ensure their best interests are served.

     Additionally, they afford income-restricted families the same ability to safeguard the

     wellbeing of their children during such proceedings. 



     Rachel’s education and background working in family law litigation for nearly 20 years

     provides her the insight and experience to understand and protect the needs of

     children going through the litigation process by...


     Speaking with and being available to the child as needed.


     Investigating on behalf of the child by:


          Interviewing individuals involved in the child’s life, including parents, extended      

          family members, caregivers, educators, DSS, law enforcement, counselors, and

          medical professionals when appropriate.


          Assessing the child’s environment.


          Identifying stressors and positive influences in the child’s life.


          Reviewing evidence relevant to the child’s wellbeing. 


          Understanding the different dynamics between the child and their parents,

          siblings, and other adults in the child’s life.


          Ensuring that facts are relayed in an unbiased manner to the court to help protect

          the child’s best interests. 


          Providing recommendations to the court when requested.

*Guardians ad litem cannot guarantee any outcome in legal proceedings as those decisions are at the sole

  discretion of the court. 

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