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To confidentially discuss visitor services, please see the Contact page to reach Rachel by phone or email. 

Visitors Are Important Because...

     Guardianships have the ability to take complete control away from a ward, or      

     potential vulnerable adult or incapacitated person over his or her life decisions. As a

     Visitor, my sole concern is the individual over whom guardianship is sought. I assist in

     protecting individuals from unnecessary guardianships when they still possess the

     ability to care for themselves, and where guardianship is required, that individuals

     appointed to make life decisions only have the ward’s best interests at heart.

Visitors Are Needed...

     During initial guardianship proceedings, when further investigation is needed during

     a guardianship, when termination of a guardianship is appropriate, or removal or

     appointment of a successor guardian is necessary.

Visitors Are Responsible for...

     Visiting and observing the ward, or potential ward in his or her residence to assure it

     is a safe environment, and to ascertain whether his or her needs are being met or if

     additional care is required. 


     Interviewing the ward, or potential ward and individuals providing his or her care to

     understand the wishes of the ward, or potential ward to terminate or proceed with

     the guardianship. 


     Investigating allegations and conditions to determine whether guardianship is



     Consulting with the Guardian ad Litem and attorney for the ward, or potential

     ward to choose a path that serves their client’s best interests.


     Communicating to the Court the preference of the ward, or potential ward for

     appointment of a particular Guardian. 


     Preparing reports to assist the Probate Court in deciding whether appointment of a

     guardian is necessary to safeguard the best interests of the ward, or potential ward.


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