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To inquire about reasonable rates or to schedule a consultation, please see the Contact page to reach Rachel by phone or email. 

Starting your own practice can be a paralyzing notion, whether you are a young lawyer with limited experience, or you have spent a few years working under seasoned attorneys as an associate.


While some law schools offer a law practice management course, taking the plunge on your own is much easier with a one-on-one consultant to help tailor the administrative side of your practice to your individual needs.


The practice of law is moving in a direction that will leave more attorneys in the position of changing fields or career paths unless they hang their own shingle. Carolina Advocacy Center can ease your fears of taking that leap by providing short-term consulting services to assure your practice gets started on the right foot by implementing good practices and procedures.   


Get Help... 

     Creating a business plan

     Selecting appropriate office space

     Implementing administrative policies and procedures

     Choosing/creating administrative forms

     Smart marketing

     Hiring staff     

     Time management


     Cost cutting

     Handling accounts payable/receivable     

     Managing clients

*The above is not intended to be an exhaustive list of topics. If there is a specific area of concern that you need

  assistance with, Carolina Advocacy Center will be more than happy to help.

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