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Reach out through our Contact page to confidentially discuss Private Visitor services. 

Peace of Mind

     Today, outside commitments or geographical challenges make it difficult to      

     personally check on loved ones or wards for whom we are legally responsible when          they are incapacitated or vulnerable adults.


     Family members or wards who need monitoring may live alone; with family members

     or individuals you have concerns about; in retirement communities, nursing homes,

     or assisted living facilities; or in mental health facilities and group homes.


     Trying to determine whether proper care and supervision is being provided can be

     disconcerting when you cannot be there regularly. The ability to keep abreast of life

     changes is paramount to determining whether action is necessary to safeguard the

     wellbeing of your family member or ward. 



     As a Private Visitor, in a non-legal capacity, Rachel conducts a neutral assessment of

     the surroundings, activities, and events in the life of your loved one or ward. A written

     report is provided directly to the concerned family member or legal guardian to be

     used as a monitoring system upon which to base care decisions, or take legal action

     should it be deemed necessary.


     With proper authorization, reports may include information or

     observations related to:

               Health conditions;

               Potential Abuse;

               Dwelling conditions;




     Reports may also provide recommendations based upon current observations. 

*No activities engaged in by CAC in connection with Adult Monitoring services is in any way intended to be legal

  advice or legal services and should never be relied upon as such. Monitor Services are for personal guidance only.  

  Should it become necessary to retain a licensed attorney in the event legal action is required on behalf of your

  incapacitated or vulnerable family member or ward, CAC will be happy to refer you to a licensed attorney

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