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Reach out through our Contact page to confidentially discuss supervised visitation or safe exchange services.

There are various reasons a parent may be ordered to undergo supervised visitation. A court may feel the parent-child relationship needs to be established or restored and the child needs time to comfortably adjust. There may be allegations of physical or psychological abuse resulting in a court order for supervised visitation out of caution for the child’s safety and well-being. Regardless of the reason visitation must be supervised, Rachel’s primary focus is the child’s safety and enjoyment of the time he or she spends with the visiting parent.


In addition to providing litigation support for contested child custody and visitation cases for the last 20 years, Rachel is a certified lay Guardian ad Litem, and has received training in handling high conflict personalities in relation to family court matters.

As Supervisor Rachel...

     Reviews the current court order or agreement and all documentation relevant to custody

     and visitation made available by counsel for each party and the Guardian ad Litem. This

     facilitates a successful visit by ensuring the visiting parent/family member does not

     engage in behavior that will distress their child.


     Supervises visitation in full compliance with the terms of 

     the current court order or agreement, including but not

     limited to time limits and restricting personal interactions.

     Maintains confidentiality of clients in all circumstances

     except as required by law, or under court order. 


     Shall submit reports, affidavits, or provide testimony to the court, when necessary.

     Shall terminate visitation services when detrimental to the child’s mental or physical well-

     being, or based upon safety concerns for any individual involved in supervised visitation.

     Monitors safe exchange of children between parties engaging in unsupervised visitation.

Safety Protocols:

All visitations and safe exchanges occur inside our office rather than unpredictable locations;

All bags are checked before entering the center and only clear bags are permitted;

Staggered arrival/departure times for visitation and safe exchange to avoid conflict; and

Video surveillance is conducted of visits and exchanges for added security.

Activities Include:

Age-appropriate movies/Nintendo video games;

Board games/puzzles;

Light crafting/coloring;

Creative toys; and

Homework table.

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