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Reach out through our Contact page to confidentially discuss Visitation Coordinator services

Out of State Service is available.

Visitation Coordinator services may be utilized prior to or during litigation, or after a final order has been issued in matters of child custody and visitation where parents or legal guardians experience a breakdown in communication that makes it more difficult to arrange and carry out visitation. With a background in family law, Visitation Coordinators are well-versed in visitation matters providing a beneficial solution to handling non-legal issues. 


Benefits of Using a Visitation Coordinator

Understands custody and visitation issues;

Recognizes when legal issues arise requiring attorney involvement;

Financially beneficial to clients;

Attorneys are able to focus time and effort on their client's legal issues;
After hours conflict assistance available;
Provides a buffer to prevent conflict between parents or legal guardians;
All parties enjoy a reduced stress visitation.



Meet separately with each parent and child(ren) to assess visitation concerns and wishes; 

               (Initial consults available by video conference, or in person for in-state clients);


Create a tailored visitation plan within the confines of the visitation order or agreement to address issues and minimize anxiety experienced as a result of arranging visitations;

Coordinate and manage logistics of each visitation to minimize the potential for engaging in unproductive communications;

Arrange neutral pickup/drop off locations and individuals to transport the child(ren);

Plan an itinerary of age-appropriate activities to assist in facilitating parent child(ren) bonding;

Resolve all non-legal issues arising from visitation coordination;

Emergency availability by phone to diffuse conflicts that may arise during visitation;

Recommend additional resources for parents and children as needed such as educational tutors, housekeepers, league sports, activities, play groups, and parenting support groups; and

Provide a written status report to each parent and their respective attorneys after visitation.

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